You Choose the News

6/28/17: You Big Baby, Do Not Pass Go, Close Encounters.

6/27/17: This Just In, Mistaken Identity, Seafood to Go.

6/26/17: Life of Leisure, The Heat is On, Staying Alive.

6/20/17: Roll On, Order Up, Oh Baby.

6/19/17: Caught in a Trap, A Light Bronze, Rock Lobster.

6/16/17: Explosive Situation, Man or Woman, Wherever You are.

6/15/17: Arachnophobia, Ruffled Feathers, The Truth is Out There.

6/13/17: Bats in the Belfry, Where's the Fire, Cued Up.

6/12/17: Goose Goose Duck, On the Border, 8 Ball Corner Pocket.

6/9/17: If I Only Had a Heart, Penny for Your Thoughts, Let Them Eat Cake.

6/6/17: My Audience Awaits, Grand Theft Road Rage, Joke's On You.

6/5/17: A Woman's Purse, Piano Bear, Mutant Crab.

6/2/17: Create a Diversion, Pay Attention to Me, A Beautiful Name.

6/1/17: Deep Breath, Mas Tequila, Hot Money.

5/31/17: That Explains It, Creep, Making Our State Look Bad.

5/30/17: Unlucky Moon, Don't Have a Cow, Gonna Go Back in Time.

5/25/17: Bigger, Stronger, Rustier; Something Fowl; Bear the Smell.

5/23/17: Diamond in the Rough, Alcohol Unawareness, Prehistoric Pranking.

5/22/17: The Award Goes to, Don't Forget My Number, Feeling Like a Criminal.

5/18/17: What an Animal, The HPD Won't Let it Be, Doctor My Eyes.

5/17/17: Stuffed Lizard, That's Punny, There's What in Your Toilet.

5/16/17: Blame the Dog, Do You Deliver, Spice Up Your Life.

5/15/17: Over the Hump, Hello Neighbor, Nachyo Cheese.

5/12/17: Back from the Dead, I Swear, Be Aggressive B-E Aggressive.

5/10/17: Somebody's Hangry, Feather in Your Cap, Slither on Home.

5/9/17: Making an Entrance, United Again, No Parking.

5/8/17: Presidential Pinata, Facebook Famous, Playing Possum.

5/5/17: Don't Look at Me Squirrel, Oh So Dirty Money , Flying Now a Days.

5/3/17: Rise of the Machines, Slither Away, Prayer Works.

5/1/17: Kitten in a Tree, Pump the Brakes, School's Out.

4/28/17: The Sky is Falling, #Dumped, That's Gourmet.

4/25/17: Crazy Train, Priorities, Let Me Out.

4/24/17: Mulligan, Pants on Fire, Lost and Found.

4/21/17: Dog Eat Dog, Seems Legit, Back to School.

4/20/17: Hath No Fury, If You Can Dodge a Wrench, Phrasing.

4/18/17: Doggin' It, Ay Chihuahua, Personal Zoo.

4/17/17: Committed to the Bit, Live Birth, i Will Always Love You.

4/14/17: Good Ol Cheeseburger, Hatchet Job, Holding Out for a Hero.

4/10/17: Lady Luck, Glamor Shots, Keep That Thing On a Leash.

4/7/17: Not Your Mama's Cookin, Return to Sender, See You Later Alligator.

4/6/17: Can't Buy Me Love, It's Not Butter, Under the Sea.

4/5/17: Wherefore Art Thou, Diamonds Are Forever, If the Shirt Fits.

4/4/17: Bees, No Horsing Around, Beef to Go.

4/3/17: Spare One Square, How Romantic, Pay it Forward.

3/31/17: I'll Be Watching You, It Must Be True, No Kids Allowed.

3/28/17: Horse Power, One Man's Trash, Hey Bartender.

3/27/17: In the Name Of, By the Code, Dearly Departed.

3/24/17: A Brush With Danger, I'm Feeling Saucy, When Gaming is Life.

3/23/17: That Smell, Andre Iguan-Agassi, And a Dash of Mint.

3/22/17: Sweet Karma, Who's Cheatin Who, Dont Do Drugs.

3/21/17: Burnin Down the House, McSlap, You Had a Bad Day.

3/17/17: Here Kitty Kitty, I'll Drink to That, Get Off the Tracks.

3/16/17: Do Coconuts Migrate, Gas and Sass, Secret Agent Man.

3/15/17: Candy Shop, Nailed It, Got Ya.

3/14/17: That Was Dumb, Delicious Heart Attack, What Was That Again.

3/13/17: Here Come the Rooster, Liar Liar, Had Your Chance.

3/7/17: Cheeseburger in Paradise, Follow the Silver Can Road, Lay Off the Cheddar.

3/6/17: And a Hard Place, Poultry In Motion, Taco Bout Convenient.

2/28/17: Which Came First, A Brisk Jog, My Maserati Does 185.

2/27/17: Down the Toilet, One for You One for Me, A Horse of Course.

2/24/17: The Dog Did It, The Truth is Out There, Look What I Can Do.

2/23/17: The Huggies Bandit, That's a Ferret, Watch This.

2/21/17: A Gentlemen's Agreement, Under Construction, Shot Through the Heart.

2/13/17: Educators Gotta Educate, Under Couch Arrest, Who Opens Another Guy's Mail.

2/10/17: Get Off the Tracks, Hit the Gas, Only Mostly Dead.

2/7/17: When Pumpkins Smash Back, Giraffe and a Half, Leave it to Bieber.

2/6/17: Oh No Canada, Come to My Window, Like a Wrecking Ball.

2/3/17: That's Your Cue, All Natural Bro, Worst Date Ever.

2/2/17: License and Registration, Three Sheets to the Wind, Listen to Your Heart.

1/30/17: Fast As a Deer, Blame it On Your Heart, Let's Rally.

1/27/17: But The I Got Fries, Cooler Than Being Cool, The Mac Attack.

1/26/17: Got the Munchies, Aw Rats, Full of Hot Air.

1/25/17: No Elway, Bugging Out, A Case for A Case.

1/23/17: Make Like a Tree, Could've Fooled Me, But I'm the Mayor.

1/20/17: Go Sports Team, Pay Your Dues, Brick by Brick.

1/19/17: She's a Biter, A Friendly Wager, The College Dropout.

1/18/17: Original Recipe or Extra Crispy, Blame the Maid, At or Behind Bars.

1/17/17: What Are the Odds; Peace, Love and Friendship; Selfie First.

1/16/17: Spell Ya Later, Identifying Traits, Keep On Truckin'.

1/13/17: Just Puttin' Along, Extra Baggage, The Oh No Corral.

1/12/17: Use the Secret Entrance, Nothing to Wine About, Curiosity Caught the Teenager.

1/11/17: That's Meow not Meth, The Fighting Furballs, Living Dead Girl.

1/9/17: Symphony of Destruction... and Coffee, Go Out in Style, It Wasn't Me.

1/5/17: 23-Point Inspection, Unintended Results, Stick and Move.

1/4/17: Time After Time, He Went Super Saiyan, The Smoking Gun.

1/3/17: Later Gator, That's So California, Hasta la Vista Baby.

12/29/16: Exhibit of Emotions, Green With Envy, Pig Pig Suey.

12/28/16: A Little Squirrelly, Get My Good Side, Kitten in a Tree.

12/27/16: Hii-Yaa, Absolutely Perfect, Just Keep Swimming.

12/22/16: Cat Scratch Fever, No Monkeying Around, I Have a Coupon for That.

12/21/2016: Not Lovin' It, Aw Nutcracker, Lunch is On Me.

12/20/16: Can't Put a Finger On It, Billy Goat Gruff, Sweet Dreams Are Made of These.

12/19/16: Big Dummy, Santa Delivers, Police Navidad.

12/16/16: Master of Disguise, Something Fishy, Pickin' Cherries.

12/15/16: Diamond Eyes, Pinball Wizard, Nae Nae on the Whip.

12/14/16: Not Part of the Plan, Crime Time, Change of Address.

12/13/16: Sentenced to Love, Don't Move, Life's a Game.

12/12/16: A Little Off the Top, Take the Money and Run, Put It Away Put It Away Now.

12/6/16: I Know Your Pain, Five Fingers to the Face, Follow the Trail.

12/5/16: Someone to Vent to, Comin to Get Ya, Death of a Salesman.

12/2/16: Angry Beaver, Dress for the Job You Want, I Swear.

11/30/16: Smile for the Camera, Whistlin' Dixie, He Went That Way.

11/29/16: Punk in Drublic, Will There Be a Second Date, Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire.

11/28/16: Down in the Trumps, Take it to Go, Above the Law.

11/22/16: North Pole Dancing, Roni... Peppe Roni, Hot Wheels.

11/16/16: Bad Breath, Frisky Fruit, Divine Intervention.

11/15/16: Blame it On the Donald, Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My, He Was There a Second Ago.

11/14/16: Tip Your Cabbie, Running On Empty, Can You Hear Me Now.

11/9/16: The Cat Did It, What's In a Name, Break Me Off a Piece of That.

11/8/16: I Stand Corrected, Wheelin' and Dealin', It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy.

11/7/16: Tissue for an Issue, Need for Speed, Slow and Steady.

11/3/16: This Just In, Baby You're a Firework, Dirrty.

11/1/16: Polly Want a Cracker, Make Like a Tree, Branching Out.

10/28/16: Next to Your Fire, Money Well Spent, Hold On a Sec.

10/27/16: That'll Show Him, Don't You Know I'm Loco, Runaway Jury.

10/26/16: Drive Me Wild, Fast Fast Food, Naked But Not Afraid.

10/25/16: Original Recipe, Only in Texas, Me and Emu.

10/20/16: Oh Christmas Tree, I Don't Wanna Crawl, Tears of a Clown.

10/19/16: Barf, She's Crafty, That's Shady.

10/18/16: Too Hot to Handle, Hitchin' a Ride, Ho Ho Uh-Oh.

10/17/16: Smooth Criminal, There Goes My Hero, Out of Time.

10/14/16: Vive la Fry, Hard to Say I'm Sorry, The Walking Deadbeat.

10/12/16: Too Much Gander, Un-BEAR-Able, Pay Attention to Me.

10/10/16: Better Safe, Go Blue, Feelin' the Bern.

10/7/16: Caught With Your Pants Down, He Does Exist, Mo Money Mo Problems.

10/6/16: Yogurt of the Future, Like a Circus, Bovine Irony.

10/5/16: That New Computer Smell, The Grateful Dead Head, Not for Sale.

10/4/16: Hog Wild, Pizza the Action, Bull Moose on Parade.

10/3/16: More Criminal Than Master, Shot in the Dark, A Family Affair.