You Choose the News

9/4/18: Anchor Anger, Right Foot Robbery, Karma On Steroids.

8/30/18: Free Ride, Soft Students, Baby Naming.

8/28/18: Demon Couch, Blockbuster Beer, Tiny Favor.

8/27/18: New Uses, Mayo Florida, Head To Toe Prada.

8/21/18: Too Late To Apologize, Want A Piece Of Me.

8/17/18: Wing Riot, Fair Food, B.B.O.

8/13/18: Makeup Mugshot, Seattle Story, Love Of Music.

8/10/18: Because Beards, Snoring Emergency, Local Frog Story.

8/9/18: Take You Out, Mad Cows, Bad Burger.

8/6/18: I'll Drive, Bathroom Emergency, Amish Uber.

7/30/18: Really Want -- To Watch Sports, Save Money, Free Wi-Fi.

7/27/18: Accent Awards, 2 Jimmy's, Judgement Free.

7/23/18: Temp Reading, King Kong Spotting, Ugh Cubs Fans.

7/20/18: Potential PETA Candidate, Pickup Game 911, This Guy Needs A Beer.

7/17/18: Thou Shall Not Steal Fire trucks or Motorcycles, Bad Driving Omaha.

7/9/18: It's Hot, Eggs Benedict, Lethal Ties.

7/5/18: Aliens...Invade, Love In The Air, 74 or 64.

7/3/18: Scammed By The Boss, Fried Rice Syndrome, Freaky Fast Breakup.

7/2/18: Snakes In Home, Need A Ride, Pillow Fight.

6/29/18: A Dare, Camo, Fountain Of Youth.

6/28/18: 911 Pranks, Christmas Pot, Public Bathrooms.

6/27/18: Waiting For A Job, Lesson Not Learned, Wife Of The Year.

6/22/18: Cell Phone Mishap, A Few Mis-Spellings.

6/20/18: Addicted To Gaming, Payback, White Wine.

6/15/18: Drop It Like It's Hot, Test My Meth, Taco Defense.

6/14/18: Steal Pretty, Social Experiment, Get Smart.

6/12/18: Rake and Hammer Fight, Wouldn't Get That Tattoo.

6/11/18: Monkey Business, Being Cheap, Game of Prequels.

6/8/18: Ketchup, Scum-Bag Defense, Best Friends.

6/7/18: Remember, Life Not The Game, FOUR....Wheels.

6/6/18: Why Can't We Be Friends, Beaning with Beans, Promises Fulfilled.

6/5/18: Bad News Bearers, Chicken Free Chicken, Airhead.

6/4/18: Fast and Furious, Old Facebook, Philadelphia Wedding.

5/31/18: Fake Resume, Get Out of a DUI, Pool Shaving.

5/30/18: Lady Liberty Karma, Milk, 4 Eyes 4 Smarts.

5/25/18: Texts From Last Night, Arrested, Rise of the Machines.

5/22/18: How Not To: Relieve Yourself On An Airplane, Use Facebook, Go Bar Hopping.

5/21/18: New Audio Illusion, Too Hot For Love, Fake Kidnapping.

5/17/18: Millennial Probs, Romantic Graffiti, It Gives you Wings.

5/16/18: Dance Party, Frownie Brownie's, Dating Advice With Dogs.

5/15/18: Face Drawings, Mothers Day Bonding, Kelvin vs Kevin.

5/14/18: Plan With No Legs, Peaches and Gunfire, PC Fairy Tales.

5/8/18: Opportunistic Prisoners, Explosive Urine, Raccoon Ruckus.

5/7/18: Twitter Hack, Learn To Fly, Mystery Pooper.

5/3/18: Knockout Wedding, If At First You Don't Succeed, Shooting Smoke.

5/1/18: Bad Escape Plan, Jorts, Bay-Coin.

4/30/18: 4 Dollar Deals, Don't Brag, Canadian Crime.

4/23/18: Flying Friendly Skies, Family-Friendly Restaurant, Chicks Dig It.

4/20/18: Old Country New Name, Don't Do Drugs, Alexa Roastmaster.

4/19/18: Follow Up?, Interesting Weapon Choice, Prognosticating Puppy.

4/18/18: Put Down Video Games, Money Can't Buy Happiness, Can You See Me.

4/17/18: Ask and Tell, Tax Day, Next Level CSI.

4/16/18: Dashcam Doofus, Obituary Solves Case, Don't Ghost Dates.

4/13/18: Impatient Person, Facebook Losing Likes, Nintendo Drug Smuggling.

4/12/18: Toasty Toes, gassy Lawsuit, Mayochup.

4/11/18: Doing It Wrong-- Robbery, Gambling, Parenting.

4/10/18: Thunder-Clap Headaches, Weak Bladder, Worst Person.

4/9/18: Wind Blows, Tin Roof, Mind Reader.

4/5/18: New Trends, Fool Me Once, April Fools.

4/3/18: Winning back Ex, PCP Toast, Special Delivery.

3/30/18: Underage Over Limit, Food Poisoning, Passing Gas.

3/27/18: The news chose itself.

3/26/18: Ketchup Slices, Order Overboard, Not So Happy Anniversary.

3/22/18: Day of Dino, Cigarette fire, Untitled.

3/21/18: Man on Run, Tired, Law and Love.

3/20/18: Emoji Trends, Bad St. Patty's Day, Drive Thu Jail.

3/19/18: DOH!, Walk Out, Alcohol Goats and Florida.

3/16/18: Robbery Ragu, Robbed What?, Weird Uber Stuff.

3/15/18: Man Cave, DUI at Alter, Hotdog Revenge.

3/13/18: Law and Ethics, Border Patrol, Speeding.

3/6/18: Life Goals, New Words, Zombie Apocalypse.

2/28/18: Meatball Robbery, Flexible Thief, Canadian Getaway.

2/26/18: RUI, Illegal Dumping, Fear of Flying.

2/23/18: Fire Filled Divorce, And Twins, Babe Bracket.

2/21/18: Just a Jacket, Misuse of 911, Who Flew Poo.

2/15/18: Too Cold, Sir Mix Alot, Bigfoot in Court.

2/13/18: Survey Says, Finding Harmony, Back on the Boat.

2/12/18: Locked Out Robbery, Abanded Ship, Lucky Charms.

2/9/18: Stick Figure, Double Steal, Breakfast Cereal Debate.

2/8/18: Exhibit A, Day Job, Choosing Florida?

2/6/18: Disgruntled Boss, Eagles Fan, Spicy Ice Cream.

2/5/18: Unwanted Wedding Guest, Mustang Man, Reunited and Feels Good.

2/2/18: Tow Truck Revenge, Sobriety Test, Super Bus Driver.

2/1/18: 1 Ride 4 Crimes, Illegal Fruit Smuggling, Drunk Naked and Stupid.

1/30/18: Jerry Springer Meets Liar Liar, Poor Dominoes.

1/29/18: Too Cold, Fidget Spinner, BBQ Sauce.

1/26/18: Jesus Take the Wheel, Fishy Robbery, Burrito on the Go.

1/23/18: OCD Sandwich, Cops Not Messing Around, Marry Me Again.

1/22/18: Not Equal, Donut Downfall, Banking on a DUI.

1/19/18: Killer Cuddler, Awkward Ladies Night, Punch Drunk.

1/18/18: Bad Day, Drunk on Catnip, Fake News.

1/16/18: Worst Fear, People of Walmart, Phone Equals Fight.

1/15/18: Meow Takeoff, Chucky Carpool, Manskirts.

1/11/18: Shot in Hand, Fighting Crime, Stolen Tank.

1/10/18: I'm Listening, Social Tattoo, Oldest Vikings Fan.

1/9/18: Fantasy Football Punishment, Office Robbery, Couch Potato.

1/8/18: Too Good of a Samaritan, Stuck in Snow, Bad Browns.

1/4/18: That's Impressive, Deadly Glitter, Wings Beer and Bitcoin.

1/3/18: Bad Browns, Hot Tamale, Best Friends.

1/2/18: Price of Friendship, Karma on Vacation, Email Scammer Caught.

12/29/17: Rewriting The Dictionary Not Enough Snow, Elephants Aren't People.

12/28/17: Bad Haircut, Beer Abuse, Britain Snow Struggles.

12/27/17: Oh California, Shocking Electric Bill, ATM Out Of Order.

12/22/17: Beef Bandit, Wrong Guy To Rob, Fake News.

12/21/17: Nut Rage, Extreme Haircuts, Pot Deal For SUV.

12/20/17: Ex Prisoner Chefs, Booze Shut Down, Resteraunt Robbery.

12/19/17: Poopin' Pooch, Drug Dealing Ghost, Mom of the Year.

12/18/17: Nativity Cow, Tickets For Crickets, Ho Ho Oh No.

12/15/17: Confusing 911 Call, Uber Ambulance, Allergic to Weddings.

12/14/17: Good Samaritan, Babbysitting Burgular, Cell Phone Rescue.

12/8/17: Bank Robber, Not So Happy Hour, Cat Banned.

12/7/17: Stand Your Ground, Personal Rave, Fried Mascot.

12/6/17: Pizza & Beer, More Beer, Feel Good News.

12/5/17: Bologna Smuggler, Robbing Bachelor, Bit Of Bad Luck.

12/4/17: Possum Party, Make Your Own Road, Don't try At Home.

11/30/17: Hunter Helps Deer, Landing Lights, Drunk Crash Tickle.

11/28/17: Kiddy Driver, All Bark No Bite, A Pyromaniac.

11/27/17: Flamethrower vs Car, Olive Garden, Coffin For Sale.

11/22/17: Reckless Driving, Turkey Plunge, Mankini Saga.

11/21/17: Butt Dial, Camel Breaks Out, Turkey Takeover.

11/17/17: Chicken thief, The Munchies, Little Window.

11/16/17: Turkey Theft, Sausage boycott, Dirty Drawers.

11/15/17: Internet Must be True, Utterly Ridiculous, Oh No It's Magic.

11/13/17: Sweet Outcome, Beer Bust, Robbery Report.

11/10/17: Knocked Out, Slow Getaway, Voting to Drink.

11/8/17: Missing Cat, Naked Car Crash, Hot and Could.

11/7/17: Distracted Lawmaker, Claws are Out.

11/6/17: Drop and Shop, RWI, Ice Deal.

11/3/17: Breakfast and Guns, Fuel the Fire, Bobcat Bathroom.

11/2/17: Stranger Revenge, Mobile Pool, Pepper Spray Beer.

11/1/17: Spooky Clowns, Full Moon, X Marks the Spot.

10/31/17: Lighter Side, Mights As Well Drinks, Barks for Books.

10/30/17: Real Clown, Air Force Santa, Tragic Beer Spill.

10/27/17: Hurry and Arrest, Beautiful Mess, Frying Pan.

10/24/17: Everybody Dance Now, Power of Music, Great Cake.

10/20/17: Selfie Stick, Flexible Thief, Car Crash News.

10/17/17: Horse of Course, Last Minute Lottery, Bucket List.

10/16/17: Diamond Rescue, Hot Dog Heist, Hide and Seek.

10/12/17: Shark-Suit, Bad Superman, Clean Burglar.

10/9/17: Sweet and Spicy, Resume to Arrest, Big Truck Small Clearence.

10/5/17: Hurst Donut, Just Say No, Alien Excuse.

10/4/17: De-Pantsed, Bad Record, Panda Under Arrest.

10/3/17: Fire Washing Machine, Monkey Business, Drug Smugglin Granny.

10/2/17: Mustaches and Drugs, Stinky Situation, Oh Cologne.

9/28/17: Fireworks Plus Cops, Median Panhandling, Intoxicated Mayor.

9/26/17: Some Friends, Master of Impressions.

9/25/17: Candy-Corn Pizza, 5 Star KFC, Mountainious Mishap.

9/22/17: Chew It Over, Hamburglar, Hillbilly Hotties.

9/21/17: Fanny Packs and Clown For Council.

9/19/17: Snake For Dinner, Rains and Pours, Beer Golf Guns.

9/18/17: Facebook Ruins Relationships, Different Kind of Takeout, Beans=Gains.

9/15/17: Apply For Arrest, Check This Out, Get Your Fix.

9/14/17: Easiest Arrest Ever, Ambitious Looting, Alt Breathing.

9/12/17: Real Life Goldie Locks, Lefeless Uhaul Robbery, Hop Tile You Drop.

9/11/17: Nude Cyclists, Beers and Bobcats, Hot Tub Drug Bust.

9/8/17: Locked In, Doubly Distracted, Spidy Saves the Day.

9/1/17: One Last Bust, What's My Name, Survey Says.

8/31/17: Running of the Balls, Pumpkin Spice, Help I've Fallen.

8/30/17: Making it Rain, Dudes & Dudettes, and Snapchat.

8/29/17: Butterfingers, Home Buyers Remorse, and Let It Go.

8/28/17: Short DUI, Early Driving Lesson, and Boring Crime?

8/25/17: Impossible Crossword, Candy Corn, and Sunscreen Whoa's.

8/22/17: Don't Steal, Help I've Fallen, and Sticks & Stones.

8/21/17: Last Time, What Not To Do, and Wise Burglar.

8/18/17: Lama Golf, Jorts Bandit, and Smokin Sorento.

8/17/17: Acting Like Animals, Give a Mouse a Sandwich.

8/15/17: With Goats, Steamrollin, and It's Alright Propane.

8/14/17: Sense of Direction, Living Dead, This Tall to Ride.

8/11/17: Cleaning Caper, Spirit in the Sky, Strange Wilderness.

8/10/17: It's Not Delivery, I'd Like to Place an Ad, New Menu Item.

8/9/17: Extra Rewarding, The Dating Game, Ask Questions Later.

8/1/17: Smokin', Marriage is a Roller Coaster, Just Keep Swimming.

7/31/17: Things to Do, One Hour Ride, Bidding War.

7/26/17: At Last, Who You Gonna Call, Fuhrer or Fabulous.

7/24/17: Down the Chute, Call a Cab, The Sky is Falling.

7/21/17: Polly Want a Witness, Meatier Shower, To the Moon.

7/19/17: Never Too Old to Do What You Love, Mo Money Mo Problems, Leg to Stand On.

7/18/17: Angels in the Outfield, The Dog Whisperer, Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged.

7/17/17: That Smell, Complete Your Order, Early Riser.

7/14/17: There's a Man Inside, Passive-Aggressive, What the Eel.

7/13/17: D is for Drugs, Even a Monkey Could Do It, Senator Without a Cause.

7/12/17: When There's Lightning, Any Requests, Little Pink Houses.

7/11/17: Huff and Puff, Chips Ahoy, Excellent Year.

7/10/17: Monkey Business, Thine Road Rage Be Done, Something on the Wing.

7/7/17: Expensive Spinner, Yeah running is faster, That's a lot of Cake.

7/6/17: If That Ain't Country, Walk This Way, On the Naughty List.

7/5/17: Fully Loaded, Act Casual, Why'd the Chicken Cross the Road.

6/30/17: A Woman Scorned, By a Hair, Parking Lot Justice.

6/29/17: One Last Ride, Spin Me Right Round, Safe at Home.

6/28/17: You Big Baby, Do Not Pass Go, Close Encounters.

6/27/17: This Just In, Mistaken Identity, Seafood to Go.

6/26/17: Life of Leisure, The Heat is On, Staying Alive.

6/20/17: Roll On, Order Up, Oh Baby.

6/19/17: Caught in a Trap, A Light Bronze, Rock Lobster.

6/16/17: Explosive Situation, Man or Woman, Wherever You are.

6/15/17: Arachnophobia, Ruffled Feathers, The Truth is Out There.

6/13/17: Bats in the Belfry, Where's the Fire, Cued Up.

6/12/17: Goose Goose Duck, On the Border, 8 Ball Corner Pocket.

6/9/17: If I Only Had a Heart, Penny for Your Thoughts, Let Them Eat Cake.

6/6/17: My Audience Awaits, Grand Theft Road Rage, Joke's On You.

6/5/17: A Woman's Purse, Piano Bear, Mutant Crab.

6/2/17: Create a Diversion, Pay Attention to Me, A Beautiful Name.

6/1/17: Deep Breath, Mas Tequila, Hot Money.

5/31/17: That Explains It, Creep, Making Our State Look Bad.

5/30/17: Unlucky Moon, Don't Have a Cow, Gonna Go Back in Time.

5/25/17: Bigger, Stronger, Rustier; Something Fowl; Bear the Smell.

5/23/17: Diamond in the Rough, Alcohol Unawareness, Prehistoric Pranking.

5/22/17: The Award Goes to, Don't Forget My Number, Feeling Like a Criminal.

5/18/17: What an Animal, The HPD Won't Let it Be, Doctor My Eyes.

5/17/17: Stuffed Lizard, That's Punny, There's What in Your Toilet.

5/16/17: Blame the Dog, Do You Deliver, Spice Up Your Life.

5/15/17: Over the Hump, Hello Neighbor, Nachyo Cheese.

5/12/17: Back from the Dead, I Swear, Be Aggressive B-E Aggressive.

5/10/17: Somebody's Hangry, Feather in Your Cap, Slither on Home.

5/9/17: Making an Entrance, United Again, No Parking.

5/8/17: Presidential Pinata, Facebook Famous, Playing Possum.

5/5/17: Don't Look at Me Squirrel, Oh So Dirty Money , Flying Now a Days.

5/3/17: Rise of the Machines, Slither Away, Prayer Works.

5/1/17: Kitten in a Tree, Pump the Brakes, School's Out.

4/28/17: The Sky is Falling, #Dumped, That's Gourmet.

4/25/17: Crazy Train, Priorities, Let Me Out.

4/24/17: Mulligan, Pants on Fire, Lost and Found.

4/21/17: Dog Eat Dog, Seems Legit, Back to School.

4/20/17: Hath No Fury, If You Can Dodge a Wrench, Phrasing.

4/18/17: Doggin' It, Ay Chihuahua, Personal Zoo.

4/17/17: Committed to the Bit, Live Birth, i Will Always Love You.

4/14/17: Good Ol Cheeseburger, Hatchet Job, Holding Out for a Hero.

4/10/17: Lady Luck, Glamor Shots, Keep That Thing On a Leash.

4/7/17: Not Your Mama's Cookin, Return to Sender, See You Later Alligator.

4/6/17: Can't Buy Me Love, It's Not Butter, Under the Sea.

4/5/17: Wherefore Art Thou, Diamonds Are Forever, If the Shirt Fits.

4/4/17: Bees, No Horsing Around, Beef to Go.

4/3/17: Spare One Square, How Romantic, Pay it Forward.

3/31/17: I'll Be Watching You, It Must Be True, No Kids Allowed.

3/28/17: Horse Power, One Man's Trash, Hey Bartender.

3/27/17: In the Name Of, By the Code, Dearly Departed.

3/24/17: A Brush With Danger, I'm Feeling Saucy, When Gaming is Life.

3/23/17: That Smell, Andre Iguan-Agassi, And a Dash of Mint.

3/22/17: Sweet Karma, Who's Cheatin Who, Dont Do Drugs.

3/21/17: Burnin Down the House, McSlap, You Had a Bad Day.

3/17/17: Here Kitty Kitty, I'll Drink to That, Get Off the Tracks.

3/16/17: Do Coconuts Migrate, Gas and Sass, Secret Agent Man.

3/15/17: Candy Shop, Nailed It, Got Ya.

3/14/17: That Was Dumb, Delicious Heart Attack, What Was That Again.

3/13/17: Here Come the Rooster, Liar Liar, Had Your Chance.

3/7/17: Cheeseburger in Paradise, Follow the Silver Can Road, Lay Off the Cheddar.

3/6/17: And a Hard Place, Poultry In Motion, Taco Bout Convenient.