Economic Forum in Broken Bow Tuesday (AUDIO)

AUDIO: Joel Janecek talks with Federal Reserve Omaha branch Public Affairs Director Erin Redemske about the upcoming economic forum in Broken Bow.

BROKEN BOW - The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City is hosting an Economic Forum at the One Box Convention Center in Broken Bow on Tuesday, June 27 starting at 5:30 pm.

Erin Redemske, Public Affairs Director for the Omaha branch says the Federal Reserve has been conducting economic forums for many decades.

"This is a series that we've hosted actually for 70-plus years throughout the state of Nebraska," Redemske said. "And what these are, they're events that are an opportunity for the Kansas City Fed to share insights on the economy and also learn about local economic conditions in the Broken Bow area."

During the Forum, Nathan Kauffman, assistant vice president and Omaha Branch executive, will provide an update on Nebraska's economy, and George Kahn, vice president and economist, will discuss the U.S. economy and monetary policy objectives and concerns.

Redesmke added that the forum is for anyone, not just those who may work in a financial field.

"I would encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about both the local/regional and also national economy to register to attend," Redemske said. "They're appropriate for anyone in banking and business and community leaders, but really also anyone who is interested about learning more about current economic conditions or what's going on in the economy both from a local sense, but then all the way to the national level."

A networking reception and dinner are included. There is no cost to attend, but registration is required by June 21.